Trapbands™ Home Workout System

Rated As One Of The Best Home Fitness Equipments Of 2020

  • Strong Resistance & Perfect Elasticity

  • Can Be Stacked For Up To 300Lbs Of Resistance

  • Bonus 100+ Resistance Bands Exercise Training Program

1 Trapbands Set (100LBS)2 Trapbands Sets (200LBS)3 Trapbands Sets (300LBS)

Build Your Dream Body At Home With Trapbands

No Gym? No Problem - Workout Anywhere, Anytime

Easily Set Up In Seconds

With the included door anchor, handles and ankle straps, you can set up these workout bands in seconds.

Countless Exercises

Specially designed for more than 150 exercises for all muscle groups. Perfect for building muscle mass or burn body fat.

Combinable Intensity

Combine two or more bands for a weight tension resistance of up to 300 LBS & suitable for any fitness level.

Trapbands Total Body Training Program

Confused about how to get started with resistance bands training? We've included 100+ POWERFUL exercises for you to start building your dream body at home immediately. Choose from many different exercises for chest, triceps, back, biceps, legs, shoulders, glutes & abs! Now you can skip all the guesswork and start working on your physique right away! 


  • 5 Tubes of Different Resistance Levels (10LBS, 15LBS, 20LBS, 25LBS, 30LBS)

  • 2 Anti-Slip Foam Handles

  • 2 Ankle Foot Straps

  • 1 Padded Door Anchor

  • 10 Short Resistance Bands Training Videos

  • Trapbands Total Body Training Program (100+ Powerful Exercise Program For Chest, Biceps, Legs, Shoulders & Abs)

"...Never was a "Big Band" guy before this. However, your product has totally changed my mind"

5/5 Reviews

5/5 Reviews

Real Reviews From Real Customers

"These bands are great!! You can mix the bands to fit your strength and are a godsend for gyms being closed and needing a work out at home. Highly recommend them!!"

- Cherie H.

Trap Bands works really well as I'm not a gym person, haven't used them very long yet but have a few sore muscles so I know by following the directions trap bands is doing the job, Thank You.

- Donald C.

The bands give me the same or better results as the traditional gym machines, barbells dumbbells and. Cable systems with the extra advantage of staying home and avoiding shutdowns.

- Theodore B


Will these resistance bands snap during my workouts?

Absolutely not. Our bands are made with 100% natural latex, which has strong resistance and perfect elasticity that won’t dry out, snap, or deform. So unless you’re intentionally trying to break them by over stretching, you don’t have to worry about them snapping during a workout. 

Are exercises or instructions included?

Of course. Every order includes 10 short exercise videos for getting started with resistance bands training, and an exercise manual. The 2 and 3 set bundle comes with our Total Body Training Program with includes over 100 exercises to target all muscle groups along with a workout plan and schedule. 

Can you get the same results or at least similar compared to using free weights?

Absolutely. Resistance Bands have most of the same benefits as traditional free weights, including: 

Progressive overload - as you get stronger you can progress to heavier levels of resistance in order to continue making strength gains 

Time under tension - you can perform your reps at different speeds (both fast and slow) to create either more or less time under tension for each rep and set.

The reason why resistance bands beat free weights is that they’re light-weight and portable, and can save a ton a gym memberships!

Where are you located and where do you ship from? 

Our company is based in Florida and our products are shipped from our fulfillment centers in California and Nevada in the United States. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive? 

For customers within the United States, your order will arrive within 2-5 business days after processing via USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or DHL (even during COVID-19)


  • Strong Durability & Premium Quality

  • Made From 100% Natural Latex

  • 10LBS - 300LBS Resistance Weight

  • Free 2-5 Day Shipping

  • 100+ Advanced Exercise Training Program

Other Brands

  • Poor quality (breaks on the first workout)
  • Made from plastic 

  • Less than 100lbs resistance weight

  • Slow 12-20 days shipping

  • 10 basic exercises sheet

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee