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Are Trapbands safe?

Yes. Lifting weights comes with higher injury risk. Bands use tight motions, and maintaining form is easier than with weights. Lifting with good form is essential to prevent injuries. Form is also critical with bands, but overextending the joints is more difficult because the elastic naturally limits your range of motion.

What exercises can I do with Trapbands?

Squats, lateral raises, bench press, triceps extensions, bicep curls and crunches are all common exercises you can do with resistance bands. You can use these accessories for most movements that you'd perform with free weights.

What are the resistance levels of Trapbands?

Yellow: 10lbs 

Green: 20lbs 

Red: 30lbs 

Blue: 40lbs 

Black: 50lbs

Remember that you can stack these bands together to increase the level of intensity of 100 - 300LBS

How wide are the hand grips? How long are the bands?

The hand grips span approximately 5 inches in width, while each band measures around 4 feet in length.

Are there any exercises included in the package or available online?

We offer something even better! You can purchase a subscription to our Trapbands fitness app, which offers a vast library of over 100 different resistance bands exercises. This app also provides features like progress tracking, personalized nutrition plans, and workout plans tailored to your fitness goals. It's like having a virtual personal trainer at your fingertips!

How long will my Trapbands last?

When properly maintained, they also can last for a very long time. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight and do not clean the bands with any harsh chemicals like bleach. The durability of well-maintained resistance bands is one of their greatest advantages.

Can I really build muscle mass with Trapbands?

Of course! People assume that due to the lightweight and flimsy appearance of resistance bands, free weights are better. However, studies have shown that muscle activity and peak load during elastic-resistance exercise is similar to free-weight resistance exercise. This means that when comparing the same exercise performed with an elastic resistance device or with free weights, the amount of muscle fibers activated is similar and the amount of force provided by the muscle fibers is similar. 

 Studies on elastic resistance training have also shown that programs using elastic tubing, elastic bands and similar devices increase muscle strength and muscle size and decrease body fat in a similar manner to free-weight training programs

Aren’t weights better than resistance bands?

Not necessarily. 

Due to the direction of resistance always being downwards for free weights (or the laws of gravity), they tend to keep in motion once they are mobile unless stopped by the user. They pick up momentum due to their weight, and they become harder to control. 

An example of this in practice would be when gym goers perform bicep curls with a dumbbell. When things start to go south in terms of muscle exhaustion, some people start to use momentum to aid them in lifting the weight. 

This is ‘cheating’ as it utilizes strength from the legs and back (which aren’t necessarily supposed to be engaged during this exercise). The biceps don’t receive any benefits from the exercise when momentum is used, and it makes it pretty useless. 

One advantage of resistance bands vs weights is that it’s not possible to use momentum, as bands work on resistance strength levels rather than mass/weight. Your biceps are on their own here!

Are Trapbands be a good choice for someone who is a beginner?

Yes, these would be an excellent choice for a beginner! The resistance starts very low and as you improve, you can move up to the next level without having to buy a new product!  

Are these bands suitable for physical therapy or rehabilitation?

Certainly, these bands are excellent for physical therapy and rehabilitation. Their adaptable resistance levels and diverse exercise options make them ideal for improving mobility, promoting muscle recovery, and facilitating a safe recovery journey. Remember to consult a healthcare professional for personalized guidance based on your rehabilitation needs.

Does Trapbands roll up during workout?

No, these stretch bands are of non-slip design, they won't roll up during exercise. 

I travel often. Are Trapbands easy to carry?

Absolutely, our sets include a convenient storage bag to keep your bands organized - making them lightweight, portable, and the perfect travel companion.

Do you ship to my country?

Certainly! We proudly offer worldwide shipping to accommodate customers from around the globe.

How long will shipping take?

All orders are processed within 24 hours (excluding weekends). After your order has been dispatched, you can expect an estimated delivery window of 5-10 business days for domestic orders within the United States, and 7-14 days for international orders. You may track your order from the time its shipped to delivery by visiting the Order Status page.


Please email our customer service desk at if you need more information.

What if I'm not satisfied with my Trapbands?

We truly believe that Trapbands™ are the highest quality resistance bands on the market. But if you're unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, and your order is within the refund period, just contact our support desk for a stress-free refund (terms & conditions apply - please read our refund policy for full details)

I still have questions...

Our customer support staff is on standby ready to help you with whatever problems you may have. Please send us your inquiries at and one of our agents will be in touch with you as soon as possible.